Welcome to March!

Never mind the weather: it’s March, so it must be Spring! In this month’s Dorking Talking we feature the Food Float: a community venture selling local eggs, bread, meat, veg and more from farms around the town. And you can’t get more local than Dorking’s very own gin: it’s called Gutsy Monkey, distilled in the town and featured in Fortnum & Mason. After which, you might want a cup of coffee – and we’ve got that too. Still on the subject of food, there’s Time For Tea at The White Horse, the coaching inn in the High Street, and an invitation to a tea party as well.
Suitably fuelled for the month, we turn to a couple of ideas which make life easier for people with sight loss: accessible bank debit cards and illuminated power sockets. We take an affectionate look back sixty years to advice handed out to young people in 1958, and memories surface from still further back about a bomb falling in a Beare Green back garden. And in our series Meet the Volunteer, we talk to Reader Maureen Flood before the Thought for the Month.

1. March Welcome, birthdays & wedding congratulations
2. Anniversary Tea Party invitation
3. Tim McEntire on Food Float suppliers
4. Dorking’s Gin Kitchen
5. Or you could drink coffee…
6. Time for Tea – The White Horse
7. Accessible bank debit card
8. Letter from Aunt Ursula – 1958
9. Memories of bomb in the garden…
10. Illuminated power sockets
11. Meet Reader Maureen Flood
12. Thought for the month – How little we really need
13. Endpiece

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