Talking Newspaper wins Aviva Award

Dorking & District Talking Newspaper is delighted to announce that we have won an Aviva Community Fund Award of £1,000 to support their service to blind and partially-sighted Dorking residents. The DDTN provides a weekly audio recording of the Dorking Advertiser, together with a monthly talking magazine “Dorking Talking”, containing interviews, reports and readings on subjects of interest to local people, particularly those with limited sight.

 Aviva asked to know about projects that would make a positive impact in the local community. DDTN Committee member Linda Thyer applied for one of the £1,000 prizes to help them to continue their service.  Their largest outgoing is the cost of the studio used for making recordings.  The £1000 will enable them to pay for the room for almost a year leaving funds available to provide a further 12 or 15 listeners with the memory sticks, players and special postal pouches they need to hear their weekly recordings. 

 Linda explained “Aviva was offering grants ranging from £1000 to £25000 for six different organisation categories.  Our organisation comes under health, disability and well-being for which Aviva was offering 300 prizes. Initially we felt that with that number of awards we stood a very good chance, but then it dawned on us that this was a country-wide competition and then the doubts started to creep in!

“Not to be deterred we set about the first step in the process which was to get approval from Aviva that our project was worthy of consideration. 

 “The competition was then open to the public to vote for their favourite organisation.   We are a relatively small setup and we were up against sports clubs, schools and well-known charities, all of whom had a wide circle of volunteers and supporters.  Again, the doubts crept in!  We have only around 30 volunteers but we all cajoled family, friends, work colleagues, and friends on Facebook and Twitter and, to our surprise and delight, received more than 800 votes.

 “On 10 January we received confirmation that Dorking & District Talking Newspaper is a winner and will receive £1000.  Our thanks go to Aviva and to our voting supporters without whom it would not have been possible.”

 If you, or someone you know, has difficulty reading the paper but still want to keep in touch with what’s going on locally, please contact the Dorking & District Talking Newspaper on 01306 712044 or email:

They’ll be happy to help.

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