“Simply Excellent!”

A Independent  panel of reviewers declared the DDTN, “A particularly good example of a talking newspaper… Admirably clear – congratulations!”

In March this year, DDTN submitted a copy of the week’s edition for appraisal by a panel of independent reviewers from the Talking News Federation, the umbrella organisation for TNs across the country. They looked at criteria ranging from the mix of content in the recording to how well the readers’ performed and the sound quality of the recording itself. The acid test was how much the reviewers would like to listen to this TN regularly if they lived in the area.

Some of the panel of reviewers are volunteers with other Talking Newspapers, others are TN listeners, visually impaired themselves. Overall the comments were very favourable – DDTN scoring 4.5 out of a possible 5.0 points.

The Dorking Talking magazine, which is added to the TN on the first Thursday of every month, was described as “Simply excellent, superbly presented… with items of interest to all”.

The panel only came up with one real criticism – at present DDTN don’t mark the recording when it changes on from one news item to the next. This would allow listeners to either skip an article or listen again to something they wanted to repeat. DDTN don’t yet offer this but, having read the review, they plan to introduce it in the coming months.

“It’s really satisfying to have such an appreciative report for our efforts,” said DDTN Chairman Sarah Sheridan. “They liked the editing, the reading, the sound quality and the magazine, so we scored very high. They’ve shown us something we can improve, but they unanimously marked us Very Good.”

One reviewer commended the readers for their “beautiful enunciation and unhurried pace”, while another commented: “This is one of the nicest Talking Newspapers we have listened to”.

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