November Dorking Talking – Here we go again!

As England is put back into national restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid 19, the Talking Newspaper too has had to revert to lockdown mode. That means we’ll produce a monthly news summary and magazine on the first Thursday of each month until the situation eases.

Ironically, this November we were going to have practically Covid-free magazine content and, despite having been overtaken by events, I think we’ve all heard quite enough about the wretched virus and we’re not going to talk about it any more.

So we take a look at keeping healthy through winter, at the police keeping Surrey’s roads safe, at two Dorking businesses: a pet store with a 200 year history and at a much younger venture: the Gin Kitchen (where I was given a private tour…)  We’ve got a poem for Remembrance and a bit of church fun. So if you’ve got that nice cup of tea to hand and you’re sitting comfortably, click the link and we’ll begin…

  1. November welcome & Covid Announcement
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High Street Update
  4. Old Soldier Remembrance poem
  5. Mental Health Sessions for VIP
  6. Talking infra-red thermometer
  7. Keeping well: Flu jabs & vitamin D
  8. British Hop-Growing
  9. Tour of the Gin Kitchen
  10. Out with the Police Road Traffic Unit
  11. A “weekend with the young people”
  12. RNIB catalogues in various formats
  13. Attlees nearly 230 years in Dorking
  14. Thought for month

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