November Dorking Talking

Dorking Talking dives into November: trees in brilliant colours,  rich smells both indoors and out, from damp woods and pine cones to candles and warming stews, like the gorgeously hearty beef casserole recipe we offer. Then Lucy finds out about memory boxes filled with smells from the past, checks out the High Street, and reads another tale from the Blacksmith’s Cottage.  Peter meantime meets dogs who enable disabled people to get on with normal lives, finds out about a new Chatty Café movement and joins Mark Davis for tea at Capel Church. Rowland’s been listening to the latest talking bathroom scales and also finding out about how to make the best of lighting in your home. And as well as cooking that casserole, Jessica’s been talking to Chris Currie of the United Reform Church about their part in the Dorking Christmas Fair, coming up at the end of the month. Click the link and enjoy it with us…

  1. November Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. Canine Partners
  5. Boots Memory Boxes
  6. Talking Metric & Imperial Bathroom Scales
  7. Beef & Beetroot stew recipe
  8. Time for Tea: Capel Church
  9. Blacksmith’s Cottage – The Village Pub
  10. Chatty Café Scheme
  11. Making the Most of Lighting in the Home
  12. URC Xmas Fair
  13. Thought for the Month – The Point of Politics
  14. Endpiece

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