May 2019 Dorking Talking

This month, we’re in Dorking, Devon and… Italy; we’re indoors, outdoors and back in time too. We start in our local High Street,  Rowland brings us up to date about the Cliffden Hotel in Devon which specialises in holidays for visually impaired people, and we hear the latest about Dorking’s new, Italian, twin town of Sinalunga. Then we find out about training for the professional Blue Badge Guide qualification, before Mark Davis takes us for tea up on Ranmore, Lucy opens the gates of the National Garden Scheme this summer and Peter celebrates 25 years of the Watermill Jazz Club in Dorking. Communication links the next couple of items with a look at the charm of letter-writing and details of the latest in big-button, easy-use phones for your home. We head off down memory lane behind the wheel of the Ford Capri, remember early-morning battles with a recalcitrant Rayburn, before winding up on the allotment for the Thought for the Month.

  1. Welcome & Birthdays, anniversaries
  2. High Street Update
  3. Dorking’s New Twin Town
  4. Infosound: Devon Cliffden Hotel
  5. Bronwen Mills, Blue Badge Guide
  6. Time for Tea – Café La Crème, Ranmore
  7. National Garden Scheme
  8. Watermill Jazz Celebrate 25 Years
  9. For the Love of Letters
  10. Infosound: Big Button Easy Use Phones
  11. Infosound: Feedback request
  12. Drive Memory Lane: Ford Capri
  13. Tales from Blacksmith’s Cottage
  14. Thought for Month: The Allotment as a Personal Refuge

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