June Dorking Talking is here

Welcome to the June edition of Dorking Talking Magazine, full of useful, interesting and funny items to keep you informed and entertained for the next couple of hours.  We bring you up to date on the High Street and look at Dorking Museum’s plans for this 400th anniversary of William Mullins and the Pilgrim Fathers. We go behind the scenes of Royal Tours, celebrate with Mole Valley Ramblers and discover how the British found their national drink. We have memories of the best and the worst of World War II with one of the Dunkirk Little Ships, the Land Girls and finally the joy of VE Day.  All this plus funny stories, contemplation and cheery common sense.  We’re not quite Covid-free, but we’re definitely Covid-light this month.  So if you’ve got that cup of tea to hand, and you’re sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin…

  1. June Welcome
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. “Lockdown Lament” poem
  5. Queen’s Wardrobe Mistress
  6. Vocaleyes London Beyond Sight: Wimbledon
  7. Vocaleyes Wants Theatre Audio Description Feedback
  8. “I’m Sorry I’m Laughing Too Much”
  9. Dorking Ramblers
  10. Betty Mann Memories of VE Day
  11. Geoff Bland: Grandma
  12. Land Girls
  13. Dunkirk Little Ship
  14. Dorking Museum
  15. National Trust History of Tea
  16. Seenager
  17. Golfing Tall Tale
  18. Kindness Poem
  19. Endpiece



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