July’s Magazine – bigger and better than ever!

It’s July and things are changing in Dorking. You see our regular readers, who would normally be reading the paper to you from week to week, are getting restive.  They all want to help.  So several of them have been sending in items that they’ve recorded at home on their mobiles.  Which is brilliant and means that this month, we field a team of seven people, all hoping to keep you informed, entertained and amused. So we catch up on the High Street, summarise advice from government and VI charities on keeping safe as restrictions ease, and bring you news from Mickleham about a local sewing group making scrubs for health professionals.  Then we leave COVID behind and relax into summer with gardens and larks, twin – though not joint – birthday celebrations for youth hostels and Dorking Rotary Club, going out to the pictures in days gone by and staying in with tactile board and table games to enjoy now.  Just click on “listen here” to join us.

  1. July Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update LJ
  4. Mickleham Parish Mag – Making Scrubs by Tracey O’Hanlon. JT
  5. Infosound: Summary of Pandemic Advice from Gov & VI charities
  6. Surrey Libraries Reopen 6th July JT
  7. Geoff Bland: the Cinema
  8. 90 Years of YHA DW?
  9. 90 Years of Dorking Rotary JT
  10. Thrive Gardening BS
  11. Red Phone Boxes LT ???
  12. The Lark Ascending BS
  13. Infosound: Tactile Board & Table Games
  14. Thought for the Month: Why Give Aid?

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