July Dorking Talking

It’s July and Dorking is Talking about at a group working to benefit farmers and wildlife together, wondering why rain on St Swithin’s day should set the summer’s weather, and how a pair of shoes can tell you what’s in the way. We hear about the puzzling history of the jigsaw and about an amazing woman who moved her house – and rebuilt it herself – we bet she’d have been good at jigsaws!
To join us, just click “Listen Here” – or you can ask Alexa to enable Talking Newspapers, then “play Dorking Talking Magazine” for a happy hour or so.

1. July Welcome & Birthdays
2. Anniversaries
3. Shoes That Tell You What’s Coming
4. High Street Update
5. Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group
6. Patchworking Garden Open Day
7. Westhumble Railway Bridge
8. The Woman Who Moved A House
9. I’m Fine, Thank You
10. Teenage Tricks
11. Claude Monet Biography – Sight Loss & Painting
12. Jigsaw Puzzle History
13. St James the Least – Social Distancing In Church
14. St Swithin’s Day
15. Thought for July – See The Good
16. Endpiece

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