July 2019 Magazine

July means summer and we’ve got a really summery programme for you, ranging from Holidays at Home to cricket, from tea on the farm to a gin & tonic cheesecake, and from roses, gardening & lawnmowers to a spin in an E-type…. So are you ready? Put on your sunhat and fasten your seatbelt and we’ll be off!

  1. Welcome & birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. Trucks of the Trade
  5. Holiday at Home
  6. Polesden Lacey Rose Festival
  7. Blind/VI Cricket
  8. Time for Tea: Bocketts Farm
  9. Gin & Tonic Cheesecake
  10. Blacksmith’s Cottage: The Lawnmower
  11. Gardening Publications with VI ideas
  12. Drive Memory Lane Jaguar E type
  13. Thought for the Month: “Love Life”
  14. Endpiece

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