How To Volunteer

Every other Thursday 8 volunteers, drawn from the team of 55, gather to edit, read, record and duplicate the paper for distribution to the listeners. 

Editors work in pairs, armed with 2 large pairs of scissors. Every Thursday they buy 2 copies of the Dorking Advertiser and, taking alternate pages, cut it up into individual stories. They select local news, sport, letters, announcements, what’s on, the Yesteryear feature, community news and other local material of interest. They then share the clippings into three folders and deliver these to the recording room in time for the recording to start at 6.15pm.

Recorders oversee the recording session, record the edition onto computer and prepare the completed master recording file ready for duplication. They operate the equipment and ensure that the recording quality is clear for the listeners. They are at the recording room from 6.15pm for about 2 hours.
Mike records a new edition of the DOrking Talking Newspaper

Readers join the Recorder in the recording room at 6.15 on Thursday evenings. They take the clippings selected by the Editors and read them aloud, one story each in turns round the table. Readers have clear, friendly voices and good local knowledge. They are at the recording room from 6.15pm for about 2 hours.

A recording Session of the Dorking Talking Newspaper

Duplicators take the master recording file and copy it on to USB memory sticks. These have first to be cleared of the previous editions recorded on to them. Each Duplicator works with a Distributor, making a team.
Louise and Ann Duplicating

Distributors take the USB memory sticks and listen to them to check the duplicating.  They then put the tested sticks into the pouches for posting to the listeners.  Finally they take the filled pouches to the Post Office. The Duplicating & Distributing team arrive at the recording room at 8.00 pm for about 1 hour.
 We always welcome new volunteers to join us.  If you would like to see a recording before committing yourself to anything, please contact us.

Our organising Committee is made up of volunteers and listeners.