February Dorking Talking is here!

Here’s February’s Dorking Talking to help you through a chilly grey month…

We’ll be taking a look at famous February anniversaries and indulging a spot of nostalgia over the beloved Mini; catching up with Dorking’s High Street, finding out about opticians who offer services in your own home and looking outwards too at holidays full of interest that are specially designed for visually impaired people. We take care of our toes in this winter weather, hear about a doorbell that’s too loud, flashy and tingly to be missed, plan an “ale trail” in pursuit of Pilgrim beers and of course enjoy a cuppa and a naughty slice of cake with Mark Davison – this time in the Reading Room at Brockham. Bon Appetit!

  1. Feb Welcome & Birthdays
  2. February anniversaries
  3. High St update
  4. DofE farewell Michael Cleaver, hello Fred Ware
  5. Community Care Opticians interview
  6. Infosound: Seeable Holidays
  7. Drive Down Memory Lane Austin Mini
  8. Tiny car, big name owners
  9. Streetwise funnies: Mayo Jar
  10. Looking after your feet in winter
  11. Infosound loud, flashing, vibrating doorbell
  12. Time for Tea – Brockham Reading Room
  13. Pilgrim Ale Trail
  14. Thought for Month – The Mayo Jar
  15. Endpiece

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