DorkingTalking Feb 21

Welcome to February’s Dorking Talking to help us through another lockdown, with an outdoorsy programme including a wet walk on Holmwood Common, apple trees aplenty and Beatrix Potter’s garden. We tackle good intentions, look back to the end of pounds, shillings and pennies and go aboard with the Royal Navy to find we know some of the jargon already. We hear from a medical student roped into Covid duty and, on a lighter note, we have a “Pointless” experience for a bit of tv fun. Just visit www.dorkingtalkingnewspaper/magazine-2 and click “Listen Here” to join us.

  1. Welcome & birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Medical Student Covid Experience
  4. NT Ranger on Holmwood Common
  5. Heritage Apples
  6. Wassailing
  7. Clearing Out
  8. Grant Funding for Home Adaptations
  9. Holocaust Memorial Day
  10. Naval Sayings We All Use
  11. Beatrix Potter’s Garden
  12. 50 Years Since Decimal Day
  13. A Pointless Experience
  14. Thought: The Trouble Tree
  15. Endpiece

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