Dorking Talking in April

April’s here and we’ve got a lighthearted programme for you this month to celebrate Easter and look forward to better things. We’re nearly at the end of the long, cold winter of lockdown and the chance to go beyond our own four walls and meet friends once more is almost within our reach. Join us to find out about the Easter Hare – or perhaps for you it’s the Easter Bunny – meet the new Leith Hill National Trust Ranger and look at wildlife during lockdown. There’s food from the fifties and hopefully a drink in a pub once more, we hear about how a guide dog changed a doctor’s life and meet one of the voices of Calibre talking books.

1. Welcome & Birthdays
2. Anniversaries
3. High St Update
4. Rowes Stationers
5. ‘Kika and Me’ Dr Amit Patel
6. Easter Bunny or Hare?
7. Easter Funnies
8. Food in the Fifties
9. Save Our Pint
10. A Very English Thing
11. Calibre Meet the Narrator
12. Easter Funnies #2
13. Lockdown Nature Encounters
14. Tom Burns New NT Leith Hill Ranger
15. Air Raid Shelter in Westcott garden
16. Thought: Empty Easter Eggs
17. Endpiece

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