Dorking Talking Christmas Special

Welcome to the 2018 Christmas and New Year edition of Dorking Talking. It’s a bumper programme so be prepared to listen in instalments if you’ve got lots to do. We’ll still be here when you’re ready for another break, with poems, stories, old skills and traditions, as well as new technology and New Year resolutions. From the NHS frontline to the great outdoors, little children to thoughtful teenagers, tea and cakes and Christmas decorations, we bring you the festive, the funny and the serious too. I promise you there’s plenty to keep you going through the festive season and well into next year so don’t rush… collect that cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy!

  1. Xmas Welcome & Birthdays
  2. History of Christmas Wreath
  3. The Warthog – Steven Mann
  4. Politically correct Xmas
  5. Malden Rushett Lights by John Griffin
  6. TNs & magazines on Amazon Voice Controlled Devices
  7. Traditional Skills for Modern Kids
  8. Michael Morpurgo on The Snowman
  9. The Running Hare by John Lewis Sempel
  10. 12 nights of Xmas by John Griffin
  11. Health is Wealth
  12. Day in the Life of NHS Nurse
  13. Time for Tea – the Volunteer
  14. New Year Resolutions to keep
  15. New Year traditions in the UK
  16. Perspectives: Sienna Lakin Rotary winning story
  17. Endpiece

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