December Dorking Talking

It’s December and we’ve got the vital last posting dates for Christmas to hand, Jessica talks to Stella Black of the Macular Society about the new support group in Dorking, and hears about a volunteer from another Talking Newspaper who’s given his time and talent to Silver Line to fight loneliness among the elderly. Lucy, as well as updating us on the High Street goings on, looks at pies and crusts and reads the last in the lovely series of tales from the Blacksmith’s Cottage.  Peter joins Mark Davis for tea, reads an article about this talking newspaper from Vantage Point and brings us a salutary Thought for the month about Christmas spending.  Meantime Rowland investigates home security and takes a look at a useful handheld device that can take dictation, read text, play audio books and even be an alarm clock – just the job for your Christmas wish list.  Shopping, posting, talking, eating and several cups of tea to see us through: it’s the start of a busy month. Are you ready? Here we go!

  1. December Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. Xmas posting dates
  5. Portable devices for VIP
  6. Stella Black, Macular Society
  7. Friendly voices meet at last
  8. TN volunteer for Silver Line
  9. Home and personal security
  10. Pie Crust Pedantry
  11. Time for Tea – Street Café Charlwood
  12. Blacksmiths Cottage Xmas
  13. Thought for Month – Xmas spending

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