December 2021 magazine

Deceiving the devil with shoes; the patron saint of singers & fishermen, gout and sore throats; memories of illicit Christmas trees from Ranmore; and did Cromwell really cancel Christmas? It’s all here in Dorking Talking this month.  We’ve also got plenty going on in the High Street including the Christmas Gala, there’s news of Surrey’s volunteer first responders, garden wildlife, poetry and fun, writing cards  and the unmistakeable spicy smell that’s a sure sign Christmas is nearly here.

Just press Listen Here to join us for a mixed bag of festivity and curiosity.  Don’t miss it!

  1. Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries JT
  3. High St Update
  4. Dorking Xmas market
  5. Dorking Museum: all about Darking
  6. Christmas Spices
  7. Central Surrey Community First Responder Team
  8. St Andrew’s Day
  9. St James the Least
  10. Inspired by Garden Wildlife
  11. A Festive Ranmore Tale
  12. Oliver Cromwell & Christmas
  13. Christmas Eve at the Barber’s
  14. Thought: Writing Xmas Cards
  15. Endpiece
  16. Exercises: Ten Today #2

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