Coronavirus changes and April magazine

Welcome to the new look Dorking Talking magazine – with you for the duration…

During this coronavirus crisis the Dorking & District Talking Newspaper has had to change our system. To protect our volunteers, we have given up the weekly gathering at which we recorded the local newspaper. Instead we have come up with a slightly altered format: the plan is to bring you a monthly service, drawing together recordings made in separate locations.

So this month, at the start of the magazine, you’ll find a summary of the local news from the past weeks, followed by our regular Dorking Talking, bringing you advice and information as well as items that are cheering, intriguing, practical or funny. This month we feature phone link support and Easter bonnets; refreshments and April Fools; poetry, pubs and pelicans… Stay with us: click on “Listen here” and enjoy the ride!

  1. April Introduction
  2. News Roundup Week 1
  3. News Roundup Week 2
  4. Birthdays & Anniversaries
  5. Poem “Tae a Virus”
  6. RNIB Virus Advice for VIP
  7. Recipe: Coddled eggs & mushrooms
  8. Time for Tea Burford Bridge
  9. Weekly Phone Link Up
  10. London Beyond Sight: Pelicans in St James’ Park
  11. The Mum Test
  12. Easter Bonnet Summer Sundays
  13. Pub Games
  14. Thought for Month – Spread some cheer
  15. April Spider
  16. Endpiece

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