August Dorking Talking

Summer’s here and we’re outside, gardening in Pixham, looking at countryside restoration and even climbing Everest (well, not us personally, but a remarkable young man who doesn’t let blindness get in his way). Talking about sight, we hear about coping with a macular diagnosis and also the latest gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa. We also find out how a local choir created a virtual performance, look back to Workers’ Playtime (remember that?) and recall those really bad hair days – and dyes – of the 1960s. If any of that rings a bell with you, now’s the moment to settle down with a cuppa and join us.

1. Welcome & birthdays
2. Anniversaries
3. High St Update
4. Dealing with Macular Onset
5. Patchworking Garden
6. Countryside Restoration Trust
7. That Doesn’t Sound Right
8. Mickleham Choir Virtual Performance
9. Workers’ Playtime
10. Blind Climber Conquers Everest
11. Gene Therapy for RP
12. Do or Dye
13. August Thought: Today

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