What We Do

The Dorking and District Talking Newspaper is a team of friendly voices and production helpers who read a selection of articles from the Dorking Advertiser on to a memory stick which is sent to the listeners each week.  On the first Thursday of each month we add an audio magazine covering a variety of topics (see Magazine page).

Every Thursday, two of our Editors take the Dorking Advertiser and cut it up into separate stories.  They deliver the edited paper to our Recording Room.

In the evening, three Readers and the Recorder arrive.  They read the paper aloud to make the master recording, which is approximately 1hour and 15 minutes long.

A recording Session of the Dorking Talking Newspaper

When the recording is finished, it is the turn of the Duplicator and Distributor for the week.  They take the finished recording and copy it for each listener, checking the quality and putting the memory sticks into the special pouches, which the Post Office send out free of charge to visually impaired people.

When the listener has finished with the week’s recording, they put it back in the pouch, turn over the slip-in address label, and post it back to us, also free of charge.

Hilary and Betty Listen to the latest edition of the Dorking Talking Newspaper

The Dorking and District Talking Newspaper is a registered charity,
No. 299227, run entirely by volunteers and financed by charitable donations.

If you would like to make a donation, please contact us.