November Dorking Talking – Here we go again!

As England is put back into national restrictions to reduce the spread of Covid 19, the Talking Newspaper too has had to revert to lockdown mode. That means we’ll produce a monthly news summary and magazine on the first Thursday of each month until the situation eases.

Ironically, this November we were going to have practically Covid-free magazine content and, despite having been overtaken by events, I think we’ve all heard quite enough about the wretched virus and we’re not going to talk about it any more.

So we take a look at keeping healthy through winter, at the police keeping Surrey’s roads safe, at two Dorking businesses: a pet store with a 200 year history and at a much younger venture: the Gin Kitchen (where I was given a private tour…)  We’ve got a poem for Remembrance and a bit of church fun. So if you’ve got that nice cup of tea to hand and you’re sitting comfortably, click the link and we’ll begin…

  1. November welcome & Covid Announcement
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High Street Update
  4. Old Soldier Remembrance poem
  5. Mental Health Sessions for VIP
  6. Talking infra-red thermometer
  7. Keeping well: Flu jabs & vitamin D
  8. British Hop-Growing
  9. Tour of the Gin Kitchen
  10. Out with the Police Road Traffic Unit
  11. A “weekend with the young people”
  12. RNIB catalogues in various formats
  13. Attlees nearly 230 years in Dorking
  14. Thought for month

October Dorking Talking

Dorking Talking’s kicking off October with news about this year’s flu vaccinations – don’t miss yours, will you? – and the latest on Dorking High Street before we feature a local gin which manages to be both ancient and modern, hear about a mouthwatering charity fundraising scheme and meet the wonderful Canine Companions at work. And with a look back at the fifties & sixties with underwear, television and bus conductors – how could you miss it?

Just click “Listen Here” to join us or ask Alexa to “play Dorking Talking Newspaper”.  Enjoy!

  1. Welcome and DDTN Announcement
  2. Intro & Birthdays
  3. Anniversaries
  4. High St Update
  5. Flu Vaccine
  6. Mayflower Saints & Strangers Gin
  7. What’s Cooking for charity
  8. Multifunction Tactile Watch
  9. All the Gear, No Idea
  10. Remember that underwear?
  11. Canine partners
  12. TV In Living Colour
  13. Star Trek – Boldly Battling Prejudice
  14. Thought for Month
  15. Endpiece

September Dorking Talking

On the cusp between Summer and Autumn, here’s the September edition of Dorking Talking to keep you informed, interested and hopefully amused.  Stand by for shopping and scouting, holidays and heritage, creatures and commonsense…

  1. Welcome & Birthdays
  2. News Summary
  3. Anniversaries
  4. High St Update
  5. Heritage Open Days
  6. Mullins and the Mayflower 400 Years Ago
  7. Silent Pool Hand Sanitiser
  8. Biggles Lives
  9. PSS summer catalogue
  10. Having a Go at Online Shopping
  11. Scouting – Ready For Anything
  12. Guides Virtual Sleepover
  13. SeeAble UK Holiday Survey
  14. The Accidental Landlord
  15. British Red Cross 150
  16. Creature Comforters – Pets vs Loneliness
  17. Thought for the Month: Obit to Commonsense
  18. Endpiece

Click on “Listen here” or just ask Alexa to “play Dorking Talking Magazine” – it’s so easy!

What’s Dorking Talking about in August 2020?

It’s August – the time for sunshine and seaside, families and foreign holidays – except that this year it isn’t… the nearest we can come is a barbecue in the back garden.  But is Dorking Talking downhearted?  Certainly not! There are local discoveries to make in our hedgerows and our history and we hear wartime memories as we approach the 75th anniversary of VJ Day.  And the military theme continues with a whole museum inside an army toilet tent!  We look at the latest in Dorking High Street and discover a new campaign Stay Loyal to Local, supporting local producers and retailers. We also bring you information about the help offered by the Guide Dogs organisation in these post-Covid days, as well as eye shields to protect you from glare, and the importance of keeping up with your eye checks.  Lastly we consider the balance to be found between safely keeping ourselves to ourselves or opening our hearts and our hands. Click the link to join us – or just ask Alexa to “play Dorking Talking Magazine”.

  1. August Welcome
  2. News Summary
  3. Birthdays & VJ Day
  4. Anniversaries
  5. High Street Update
  6. Importance of keeping up eye tests
  7. Stay Loyal Stay Local
  8. Getting the needle
  9. Guide Dogs – the new normal
  10. Falling in love with the delights of the hedgerow
  11. Heritage Open Days
  12. Eye shields against glare make a big difference
  13. VJ Day Memories
  14. World’s smallest military museum
  15. Thought for the month: Hannah Malcolm
  16. Endpiece



July’s Magazine – bigger and better than ever!

It’s July and things are changing in Dorking. You see our regular readers, who would normally be reading the paper to you from week to week, are getting restive.  They all want to help.  So several of them have been sending in items that they’ve recorded at home on their mobiles.  Which is brilliant and means that this month, we field a team of seven people, all hoping to keep you informed, entertained and amused. So we catch up on the High Street, summarise advice from government and VI charities on keeping safe as restrictions ease, and bring you news from Mickleham about a local sewing group making scrubs for health professionals.  Then we leave COVID behind and relax into summer with gardens and larks, twin – though not joint – birthday celebrations for youth hostels and Dorking Rotary Club, going out to the pictures in days gone by and staying in with tactile board and table games to enjoy now.  Just click on “listen here” to join us.

  1. July Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update LJ
  4. Mickleham Parish Mag – Making Scrubs by Tracey O’Hanlon. JT
  5. Infosound: Summary of Pandemic Advice from Gov & VI charities
  6. Surrey Libraries Reopen 6th July JT
  7. Geoff Bland: the Cinema
  8. 90 Years of YHA DW?
  9. 90 Years of Dorking Rotary JT
  10. Thrive Gardening BS
  11. Red Phone Boxes LT ???
  12. The Lark Ascending BS
  13. Infosound: Tactile Board & Table Games
  14. Thought for the Month: Why Give Aid?

June Dorking Talking is here

Welcome to the June edition of Dorking Talking Magazine, full of useful, interesting and funny items to keep you informed and entertained for the next couple of hours.  We bring you up to date on the High Street and look at Dorking Museum’s plans for this 400th anniversary of William Mullins and the Pilgrim Fathers. We go behind the scenes of Royal Tours, celebrate with Mole Valley Ramblers and discover how the British found their national drink. We have memories of the best and the worst of World War II with one of the Dunkirk Little Ships, the Land Girls and finally the joy of VE Day.  All this plus funny stories, contemplation and cheery common sense.  We’re not quite Covid-free, but we’re definitely Covid-light this month.  So if you’ve got that cup of tea to hand, and you’re sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin…

  1. June Welcome
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. “Lockdown Lament” poem
  5. Queen’s Wardrobe Mistress
  6. Vocaleyes London Beyond Sight: Wimbledon
  7. Vocaleyes Wants Theatre Audio Description Feedback
  8. “I’m Sorry I’m Laughing Too Much”
  9. Dorking Ramblers
  10. Betty Mann Memories of VE Day
  11. Geoff Bland: Grandma
  12. Land Girls
  13. Dunkirk Little Ship
  14. Dorking Museum
  15. National Trust History of Tea
  16. Seenager
  17. Golfing Tall Tale
  18. Kindness Poem
  19. Endpiece



Dorking still Talking come what May!

Here we are with the May edition of Dorking Talking. We hope you’re keeping well and plan to keep you informed and amused as we blow our own trumpet with an interview about Dorking Talking Newspaper on BBC Radio Surrey. Then there’s news of what some of the leading Sight loss charities are doing to support people during this lockdown, a look back to VE Day, 75 years ago this month, and information about how the local churches are responding to the virus. We’ve been amused by one letter to an MP, by another apparently written by a local vicar, and by a story whose moral is that a husband’s place is always in the wrong… We check out the history of some favourite pub games and of course we also make time for food and drink.  So how about settling down with your favourite tipple and clicking the link to join us for the next hour or so…

Or you can find us on your smartphone using the BWBF Talking Newspaper App.

  1. May Welcome & Birthdays
  2. DDTN on Radio Surrey
  3. Burglar Letter to MP
  4. VE Anniversary
  5. Geoff Bland Remembers VE Day
  6. Quiz Riddles
  7. Calibre Near Normal Service
  8. Macular Society Increases Phone Services
  9. PSS Extra Large Jigsaws
  10. Pub Games
  11. St James the Least of All
  12. A Tale of Two Robins
  13. Mark Davison Cycles the Lanes
  14. Nanna Marchant’s Ginger Fairlings
  15. RNIB Free TN & TV Listings
  16. Riddle Me This Answers
  17. Back to Being 10 story
  18. Thought: Church via Internet & Phone
  19. Endpiece



Coronavirus changes and April magazine

Welcome to the new look Dorking Talking magazine – with you for the duration…

During this coronavirus crisis the Dorking & District Talking Newspaper has had to change our system. To protect our volunteers, we have given up the weekly gathering at which we recorded the local newspaper. Instead we have come up with a slightly altered format: the plan is to bring you a monthly service, drawing together recordings made in separate locations.

So this month, at the start of the magazine, you’ll find a summary of the local news from the past weeks, followed by our regular Dorking Talking, bringing you advice and information as well as items that are cheering, intriguing, practical or funny. This month we feature phone link support and Easter bonnets; refreshments and April Fools; poetry, pubs and pelicans… Stay with us: click on “Listen here” and enjoy the ride!

  1. April Introduction
  2. News Roundup Week 1
  3. News Roundup Week 2
  4. Birthdays & Anniversaries
  5. Poem “Tae a Virus”
  6. RNIB Virus Advice for VIP
  7. Recipe: Coddled eggs & mushrooms
  8. Time for Tea Burford Bridge
  9. Weekly Phone Link Up
  10. London Beyond Sight: Pelicans in St James’ Park
  11. The Mum Test
  12. Easter Bonnet Summer Sundays
  13. Pub Games
  14. Thought for Month – Spread some cheer
  15. April Spider
  16. Endpiece

March 2020 Dorking Talking Magazine

March winds, March hares, March Dorking Talking: here we are again with your local audio magazine.  We walk the High Street and meet Dorking Good Neighbours, the volunteers driving people to medical appointments.  We learn some ways of tackling loneliness, particularly in rural areas, and hear about volunteering for the CAB. We look forward to spring in the garden and enjoy Time for Tea in a Dorking garden centre, before moving on to pubs and hearing how they support their local sports teams. We also find out about some everyday products that can help living with sight loss and open the doors of the RNIB’s Newsagent Service.  It’s all here – and more besides – so just click the link and join us!

  1. March Welcome and Birthdays
  2. High St Update
  3. Everyday products help with sight loss
  4. Dorking Good Neighbours interview
  5. Looking Out For The Lonely
  6. Gardening Notes
  7. Thrive Gardening Tools
  8. Time for Tea – Hilliers Garden Centre
  9. Starling poem
  10. Spring into Surrey
  11. RNIB Newsagent Services
  12. Game on for Sport In Pubs
  13. CAB Volunteering
  14. Thought for Month: The Other Lovely Dinosaur
  15. Endpiece


February 2020 Dorking Talking Magazine

Hello February!  It’s cold, usually grey, often wet, and this year very windy too.  But are we downhearted?  Certainly not!  Dorking Talking’s here to cheer you up with our usual assortment of local stories, useful information, interesting oddments and a spot of nostalgia along the way.  Locally, we check out the High Street and hear about developments for the Community Fridge; usefully, we look into keeping going with your eye tests and the RNIB’s free benefits check service; we’ve got “a wall of coffee” and tips for keeping safe in bad weather; and we prompt those memories with the story of 3 village schools and an exhibition based on Digging for Victory.  There’s plenty more besides, so click the link and let’s get going…

  1. Welcome & Anniversaries
  2. High St Update
  3. Keeping Safe in Bad Weather
  4. Leap Year (Yours)
  5. Importance of Continuing Eye Tests
  6. Story of 3 Village Schools
  7. Feeding the Nation – Dig for Victory
  8. Mental Health Through Farming Project
  9. Middle Aged Drinkers
  10. Wall of Coffee
  11. Time for Tea: Brockham Reading Room
  12. RNIB Free Personal Benefits Checks
  13. Thought for Month: Don’t Waste Time
  14. Endpiece