February Dorking Talking is here!

Here’s February’s Dorking Talking to help you through a chilly grey month…

We’ll be taking a look at famous February anniversaries and indulging a spot of nostalgia over the beloved Mini; catching up with Dorking’s High Street, finding out about opticians who offer services in your own home and looking outwards too at holidays full of interest that are specially designed for visually impaired people. We take care of our toes in this winter weather, hear about a doorbell that’s too loud, flashy and tingly to be missed, plan an “ale trail” in pursuit of Pilgrim beers and of course enjoy a cuppa and a naughty slice of cake with Mark Davison – this time in the Reading Room at Brockham. Bon Appetit!

  1. Feb Welcome & Birthdays
  2. February anniversaries
  3. High St update
  4. DofE farewell Michael Cleaver, hello Fred Ware
  5. Community Care Opticians interview
  6. Infosound: Seeable Holidays
  7. Drive Down Memory Lane Austin Mini
  8. Tiny car, big name owners
  9. Streetwise funnies: Mayo Jar
  10. Looking after your feet in winter
  11. Infosound loud, flashing, vibrating doorbell
  12. Time for Tea – Brockham Reading Room
  13. Pilgrim Ale Trail
  14. Thought for Month – The Mayo Jar
  15. Endpiece

Dorking Talking Christmas Special

Welcome to the 2018 Christmas and New Year edition of Dorking Talking. It’s a bumper programme so be prepared to listen in instalments if you’ve got lots to do. We’ll still be here when you’re ready for another break, with poems, stories, old skills and traditions, as well as new technology and New Year resolutions. From the NHS frontline to the great outdoors, little children to thoughtful teenagers, tea and cakes and Christmas decorations, we bring you the festive, the funny and the serious too. I promise you there’s plenty to keep you going through the festive season and well into next year so don’t rush… collect that cuppa, put your feet up and enjoy!

  1. Xmas Welcome & Birthdays
  2. History of Christmas Wreath
  3. The Warthog – Steven Mann
  4. Politically correct Xmas
  5. Malden Rushett Lights by John Griffin
  6. TNs & magazines on Amazon Voice Controlled Devices
  7. Traditional Skills for Modern Kids
  8. Michael Morpurgo on The Snowman
  9. The Running Hare by John Lewis Sempel
  10. 12 nights of Xmas by John Griffin
  11. Health is Wealth
  12. Day in the Life of NHS Nurse
  13. Time for Tea – the Volunteer
  14. New Year Resolutions to keep
  15. New Year traditions in the UK
  16. Perspectives: Sienna Lakin Rotary winning story
  17. Endpiece

December Dorking Talking

It’s December and we’ve had an early Christmas present: an interview with Peter White, presenter of Radio 4’s In Touch programme and President of Talking News Federation. Then we’re looking at local doings including the latest on the High Street, the visit of the Sight for Surrey sensory bus, the Library’s new gadget converting print to speech – Listener Hilary Longhurst has a go at using that – as well as the Headley Tearoom, and local pantomime in Dorking and Redhill (where Ann Widdecombe takes to the stage). We’re also interested in the wider world of visual impairment with a tactile version of the children’s favourite Connect 4 game for you to enjoy with the family, the RNIB In Your Pocket reading device and smartphone designed specifically for people with sight loss, and we hear about Dorking’s two Rotary clubs and their charity work.

And looking ahead – there will be a special Christmas and New Year issue coming your way in the week before Christmas, to tide you over the festive season.

  1. December Welcome & Birthdays
  2. High Street Update
  3. About Tony Greene, Sensory Bus
  4. Jessica interviews Peter White
  5. Ann Widdicombe in panto Beauty & the Beast
  6. Dorking Halls panto Sleeping Beauty
  7. Connect 4 game made tactile
  8. KNFB Low-vision Reader available in Dorking Library
  9. In Your Pocket: the RNIB’s reading device/smartphone
  10. Time for Tea – Headley Tearoom
  11. Dorking’s Rotary Clubs
  12. Thought for the month: Loss of civility

November Dorking Talking

In this centenary Armistice month, Dorking Talking features bellringing, poetry and a piece from a modern teenager about Tyne Cot war cemetery. On a cheerier note, we take a look at Farnham’s Fuggles hops – essential for many real ales – hear about a national conference for talking newspapers, and learn what support is available to listeners for Calibre’s Audio Library. There’s the latest on the High Street, and after Mark has enjoyed his tea break in Bookham, Lucy offers a fitness scheme with a twist… It’s all waiting for you!

  1. November Welcome & Birthdays
  2. High Street Update
  3. Sensory Bus interview Tony Greene
  4. Teenage Visit to WW1 Cemetery
  5. Bellringing for Remembrance
  6. When The Guns Were Heard In Surrey
  7. Fuggles Hops
  8. Report back from TNF conference
  9. Calibre membership support services
  10. Time for Tea – Claire’s Café, Bookham
  11. Good Gym
  12. Thought for the month Being Sorry
  13. Endpiece

Dorking Talking October edition

October’s Dorking Talking is looking at Talking Newspapers across the UK, hearing about an oral history project run by Dorking Museum that wants your memories, and heading to the great outdoors with the Learning & Events Officer for Boxhill. We are also taking care of the comforts of life with a mixture of beers, kitchen gadgets, a warming Greek stew just right for autumn and, of course, Time for Tea. We look sideways at British eating habits 50 years ago, and further back to a British motor-racing legend based in Dorking whose centenary will be celebrated next week with a parade of his amazing racing cars through the town. Top and tail all that with the High Street update and a parable about Grandma’s Teapot and get settled comfortably for us to begin…

  1. Welcome & birthdays
  2. High Street Update
  3. “Inland Revenue” scammers
  4. Infosound: TNs different from other sources
  5. Oral history project
  6. Outdoor learning at Boxhill NT
  7. Picked & Mixed – mixing beers
  8. Talking scales & easy to see measuring jug set
  9. Stifado recipe – a warming Greek stew
  10. Time for Tea – Southdown Coffee & Wine, Brockham
  11. Eating in the Fifties
  12. Rob Walker Dorking’s motor racing legend centenary
  13. Thought for the month: Grandma’s teapot

Spicy September – it’s Dorking Talking…

If variety is the spice of life, we’re certainly well-flavoured here at Dorking Talking: this month we cover the way GP consultations have changed over the years, Heritage Open Days, tactile paving, fabulous colour in Polesden’s gardens, myths about living with macular degeneration, a local family fight-back against childhood cancer, wacky-flavours in Surrey beers, magnifiers that speak to you as well as food and art events nearby. Oh, and that’s not counting our regular High Street update, Time for Tea and Thought for the Week… Join us for a Spicy September edition!

  1. September welcome & birthdays
  2. High Street Update
  3. Tactile paving explained
  4. Dr Stewart Tomlinson on GP / patient conversations
  5. Heritage Open Days
  6. Ales of the unexpected
  7. Polesden Lacey Gardens in autumn
  8. George and the Giant pledge
  9. Busting low-vision myths
  10. Handheld talking magnifier
  11. Time for Tea – Dorking Deli
  12. Food Fair at Denbies
  13. Darwin family art at Leith Hill Place
  14. Thought for the Week “Only Remembered”
  15. Endpiece


August’s Dorking Talking is here!

Heatwave summer – will you opt for staycation or travel away? Both are on offer in August’s Dorking Talking with Holiday at Home as well as details of 3 hotels specialising in providing holidays for people with sight loss. Also, Dorking GP Stewart Tomlinson talks about the latest in Diabetes Care and there’s information about sharing patient records within the NHS. We hear about a petition to put an end to Shared Spaces, which involve cars, cyclists and pedestrians all in the same space, and we take a trip around the lovely hamlet of Broadmoor on the slopes of Leith Hill. All that as well as our usual High Street Update, Time for Tea, Meet the Volunteers and Thought for the month. Oh – and we’ve been reading up on that ancient drink, mead. So, drinking horns at the ready, here we go…

01 Welcome to August

02 High Street Update

03 Petition on Shared Spaces

04 Holiday at Home

05 Specialist VIP Hotels

06 Dr Stewart Tomlinson on Diabetes Care

07 Sharing Patient Records

08 Meet Duplicator Carol Meek

09 Time for Tea: Boxhill

10 History of Broadmoor

11 A la Mead

12 Thought for the Month: Conscience

13 Endpiece



July in Dorking: the holidays are coming!

There’s definitely a holiday feel to this month’s Dorking Talking – we have a browse through the brochure for this year’s Holiday at Home, enjoy the cricket in Surrey, head for the hills of our Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, and choose some good books to enjoy in the sunshine. We also enjoy a cuppa at the Fox Revived, and celebrate a free radio service established specifically for the blind. Speaking of history, 100 years after the soldiers of WW1 came home, Dorking Museum’s Kathy Atherton has mounted a special exhibition in their honour and joins us to describe it. There’s also Lucy’s monthly High Street update, we meet one of the TN linchpins, editor and secretary Christine Thom, enjoy a look back into Good Housekeeping’s archive from 1971, and finish with a Thought about keeping out of harm’s way.

  1. July welcome & birthdays:
  2. High Street Update
  3. Holiday at Home Indoors
  4. Surrey Cricket
  5. Choosing from Calibre Audio Library
  6. Surrey Hills AONB
  7. WW1 End in Dorking
  8. BWBF Free Radios at 90
  9. Holiday at Home Excursions
  10. Time for Tea – Fox Revived
  11. Meet Christine Thom
  12. Should Wives Look Like Girlfriends? 1972
  13. Thought for the Month: Temptation
  14. Endpiece

Dorking Talking June edition

At last it’s summer and Dorking Talking gets out and about. In the town, there’s the High Street update, while a little further afield we’ve got news of June events at the various National Trust properties in our area, as well as an account of some of the remarkable women who lived there, before making time for tea at Newlands Corner and reporting on May’s Surrey County Show. Indoors there’s news of the Listening Eye telephone support service and also of a speaking clock with its eye on your medication… and we meet Talking Newspaper Reader Roy Turner.

  1. June Welcome
  2. High Street update
  3. National Trust What’s On in June
  4. National Trust Women & Power
  5. Listening Eye telephone support service
  6. Time for Tea – Newlands Corner
  7. Surrey County Show
  8. God & St Francis on Lawns
  9. Meet Reader Roy Turner
  10. Medcentre clock tells when to take medication
  11. Thought for the month
  12. Endpiece




May Edition of Dorking Talking

Happy Birthday to us! Our 30th birthday tea was a huge success and we’ve sprinkled bits of it through May’s Dorking Talking (in sound, not cake crumbs…).

After the Chairman’s Report, a word from one of the very first listeners and then great entertainment from local actor Stephen Mann and our own Reader Val Collins. We’ve got information as well as fun – the latest from the High Street, one of Sight for Surrey’s volunteer drivers, non-slip surfaces for the kitchen and board games made accessible for people with poor sight. We also have bellringers with a bold ambition for the centenary Armistice Day celebration and meet Reader and hand-bell ringer Thurza Plumb.

  1. May: Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. David Martin Listener’s Response
  4. Steven Mann – “Warthog Underneath”
  5. Lucy Jones – High Street News
  6. Chris Firth – Sight for Surrey volunteer driver
  7. Infosound – Kitchen Non-Slip
  8. Steven Mann – “Am Dram”
  9. Bellringers for Armistice Anniversary
  10. Meet Thurza Plumb
  11. Val Collins – “Value for Money”
  12. Infosound – Accessible Board Games
  13. Steven Mann – “Sometimes”: Take Help Where You Find It