Jubilee June in Dorking

Food, drink and health all feature this month – both seriously and with a smile – as we discover that a glass of wine may even be good for your Diabetes risk and think about picnics, we’ll be catching up on Dorking’s doings in the High Street, finding out what’s coming up at Dorking Halls and of course looking forward to the Jubilee.

Just clink your glasses, click Listen Here and celebrate with us!

  1. June Welcome
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. Dorking Halls
  5. Christian Centre Community Blessing
  6. Global Research on VI
  7. Equity Release?
  8. Wine & Diabetes Risk
  9. Surrey History Centre
  10. Chicken Tonight
  11. Watercress, Bacon & Avocado Salad
  12. St James the Least Picnic
  13. New Dog Breed Names
  14. Dog Trainer Graeme Hall
  15. Poem: Compost Bins
  16. Platinum Jubilee Events
  17. Jubilees Past
  18. Thought for June: Enoughness
  19. Endpiece
  20. 10 Today Accessible Exercises


Maytime Magazine

Maytime means fetes and fairs and community activities and we’ve plenty of those to tell you about this month in Dorking Talking. We wish Sight for Surrey a very happy 100th birthday and there are other anniversaries to commemorate too: Ralph Vaughan Williams and the Royal School of Needlework share their 150th birthdays this year, and it’s 40 years since the Falklands War, so we also remember that.  We hear about the work of an ECLO (Eye Clinic Liaison Officer), supporting those with newly-diagnosed sight problems, and pass on some useful gardening life hacks. All that and of course news from Dorking High Street and what’s coming up at Dorking Halls.  Are you sitting comfortably?  Then click the link and we’ll begin…

  1. Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. What’s On at Dorking Halls
  5. Sight for Surrey Centenary Newsletter
  6. About an ECLO – Eye Clinic Liaison Officer
  7. Life Hacks – Gardening
  8. Wind Chimes Location
  9. Forgetfulness – Ice Cream & Toast
  10. Coldharbour Village Fete
  11. Brockham Bowls Club Open Day
  12. Betchworth Church Jubilee Challenge
  13. Surrey Hills Artisan Festival
  14. Royal School of Needlework 150
  15. Vaughan Williams 150th Birthday
  16. Falklands War 40th Anniversary
  17. Thought for May – Secrets
  18. Endpiece
  19. 10 Today Accessible Exercises

Dorking’s Springing into April magazine

The April edition of Dorking Talking is here. This month we’re catching up on the High Street, Dorking Halls and the Library in the town and checking out some life hacks to help you deal with failing sight at home. We hear from a musical event for Sight for Surrey and look at the Leith Hill Musical Festival and the events planned for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee this year, as well as finding out about calendar changes and tax years – with a sidelong glance at annual accounts from the church of St James the Least of All.  It’s another full programme, so don’t go anywhere… just click on the Magazine page to join us.

  1. April Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. What’s Coming to Dorking Halls
  5. Dorking Library News Exhibition
  6. Beatrix Potter Beyond the Bunnies
  7. Leith Hill Festival & Platinum Jubilee Events
  8. Calendar Change & Tax Year
  9. St James the Least – Accounts
  10. Kids on Angels
  11. Life Hacks
  12. Soundings – Navigating Stairs
  13. Sight for Surrey Concert
  14. Thought for April
  15. Endpiece
  16. 10 Today Exercises

March 2022 Magazine is here


March is here and Dorking Talking welcomes a new regular: Emily Sills from Dorking Halls will be joining us every month from now on with an update on what’s happening in Dorking’s theatre and cinema.

Also this month we feature the latest on the High Street, we’ve news of developments in vision impairment, information and where to find help, men’s head care, a saint, some kids, a puppy, a doll and some Green Shield stamps.  It’s all to come: just bring that cup of tea, settle down and join us.

  1. March Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High St Update
  4. Dorking Halls What’s On
  5. Moonwalk JT
  6. St Patricks Day
  7. Pioneering Bionic Eye Implant
  8. Mind Your Head Mental Health Barber
  9. Kids views of Marriage
  10. Surrey Information Point
  11. Happy 90th Birthday Broadcasting House
  12. Soundings New RNIB Cane Tim
  13. Guide Dog Puppy Walker
  14. Soundings March Gardening Tips
  15. Dolly Mixture – Toy Museum
  16. Green Shield Stamps
  17. March Thought – Ukraine
  18. Endpiece



Mayflower, Snowdrops & Winter Ale… it’s February again!

Snowdrops and warm, welcoming pubs… yes it’s February’s Dorking Talking.  An update on Dorking’s High Street, a cross-section of the Mayflower  and Dorking’s own composer – you can’t say we don’t offer variety!  Then we hear tips from the Partially Sighted Society and meet Flash, the pup helping Guide Dogs celebrate their 90th birthday. And in the year that the BBC turns 100, we’ve got a lovely dollop of radio and tv nostalgia to enjoy. Don’t go anywhere – make yourself comfy with a cuppa and join us!

  1. Welcome & birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. High Street Update
  4. PSS Common Questions Answered
  5. Mayflower Cross-section
  6. Nature Notes
  7. Dorking Composer John Marsh
  8. Flash the Guide Dogs’ mascot
  9. The Winter’s Ale
  10. TV Nostalgia
  11. Desert Island Discs
  12. Z Cars
  13. Snowdrops
  14. Thought for February
  15. Endpiece
  16. 10 Today Exercises

Festive Magazine New Year 2022

Dorking’s cockerel is wearing his Christmas sprouts and tinsel and here we are between Christmas and New Year. We’re still definitely in party mood, so we’re leaving Covid and any bad news firmly outside the door.  Instead do  join us for some memorable presents, stories, party food and a glass or two to wash it down with.  Come in, put on your paper hat and join the festivities!


  1. Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries
  3. Xmas funnies #1
  4. Wassailing in Dorking Orchard
  5. CAMRA the Story of Cider
  6. History of Christmas Food
  7. Epiphany – Who Were the 3 Kings
  8. How the Fir Tree Became the Christmas Tree
  9. Christmas Tree History
  10. Xmas funnies #2
  11. Dog poems x2
  12. Models in the Making – Hornby
  13. Elf on the Shelf
  14. Xmas funnies #3
  15. Andrea Bocelli biography
  16. How to Access RNIB Talking Books
  17. Thought for New Year
  18. Endpiece

December 2021 magazine

Deceiving the devil with shoes; the patron saint of singers & fishermen, gout and sore throats; memories of illicit Christmas trees from Ranmore; and did Cromwell really cancel Christmas? It’s all here in Dorking Talking this month.  We’ve also got plenty going on in the High Street including the Christmas Gala, there’s news of Surrey’s volunteer first responders, garden wildlife, poetry and fun, writing cards  and the unmistakeable spicy smell that’s a sure sign Christmas is nearly here.

Just press Listen Here to join us for a mixed bag of festivity and curiosity.  Don’t miss it!

  1. Welcome & Birthdays
  2. Anniversaries JT
  3. High St Update
  4. Dorking Xmas market
  5. Dorking Museum: all about Darking
  6. Christmas Spices
  7. Central Surrey Community First Responder Team
  8. St Andrew’s Day
  9. St James the Least
  10. Inspired by Garden Wildlife
  11. A Festive Ranmore Tale
  12. Oliver Cromwell & Christmas
  13. Christmas Eve at the Barber’s
  14. Thought: Writing Xmas Cards
  15. Endpiece
  16. Exercises: Ten Today #2

November Dorking Talking

November: bonfires and fireworks, Remembrance and autumn leaves… This month, as well as all of these, there’s information about the High Street, avoiding scams, a service from Age UK, and a phone-in noticeboard. There’s a feature on the Cenotaph, a tribute to a modern young hero, and a celebration of the special moments of autumn.  Do join us!  Just click the Listen Here button and enjoy.

01 November Welcome & Birthdays

02 Anniversaries

03 High St Update

04 Local financial advice drop-in service

05 Avoiding Home Energy Scams

06 Infoshare Phone Noticeboard

07 My White Cane poem

08 Shop Local for Christmas

09 Age UK Help At Home Service

10 War Memorials

11 I Can’t Find My Camouflage Net poem

12 Billy Monger the Comeback Kid

13 Ten Today Exercises

14 Bonfire Night

15 Thought for November

16 Endpiece

September’s Dorking Talking

Welcome to September! The month when high summer is coming to an end, but we’re not yet ready to wind down towards shorter days and autumn. Dorking Talking’s got plenty going on…
Heritage Open Days are nearly upon us, we look at dates for the diary and check out the latest on Dorking High Street. We’ve got rail safety for VIPs, Glaucoma, and a story of smelly feet lined up for you. We celebrate a birthday with Squires Garden Centres, visit the Dorking Men’s Shed and whistle while we work.
Just click “Listen Here” to join us.

1. Welcome & Birthdays
2. Anniversaries
3. High St Update
4. Events for your Diary in Dorking Halls
5. About Glaucoma
6. Poems to Make You Smile
7. Heritage Open Days
8. Living The Steam Dream
9. Rail Safety For VIP Petition
10. Squires Garden Centres at 85
11. Dorking Men’s Shed
12. Best Foot Forward: Smelly Feet
13. Whistle While You Work
14. Thought: Carrot, Egg Or Coffee
15. Endpiece

August Dorking Talking

Summer’s here and we’re outside, gardening in Pixham, looking at countryside restoration and even climbing Everest (well, not us personally, but a remarkable young man who doesn’t let blindness get in his way). Talking about sight, we hear about coping with a macular diagnosis and also the latest gene therapy for retinitis pigmentosa. We also find out how a local choir created a virtual performance, look back to Workers’ Playtime (remember that?) and recall those really bad hair days – and dyes – of the 1960s. If any of that rings a bell with you, now’s the moment to settle down with a cuppa and join us.

1. Welcome & birthdays
2. Anniversaries
3. High St Update
4. Dealing with Macular Onset
5. Patchworking Garden
6. Countryside Restoration Trust
7. That Doesn’t Sound Right
8. Mickleham Choir Virtual Performance
9. Workers’ Playtime
10. Blind Climber Conquers Everest
11. Gene Therapy for RP
12. Do or Dye
13. August Thought: Today